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Your interest may be sparked by an event or occurrence that has you pondering the whole concept. That has all changed now and you rid yourself of outdated ideas or information that can be confusing. Psychic impressions will greatly enhance your ability to understand concepts once believed to be an old wives tales. You start the month on less than encouraging terms when Moon visits your opposite sign on the 1st and 2nd.

With a solar eclipse in your opposite sign your due for some big surprises. Love life looks particularly interesting on the 6th when the ruling planet Venus heads off into Aquarius making a trine to your sun. Your relationships change now and you have the ability to eliminate the old way to make way for something much better.

This may take a while to get used to but you have the future to consider. The 14th Lunar eclipse in your 12th house has you visiting hospital or clinic perhaps for a health checkup or to visit a friend. There is bound to be many new treatments for what ever ails you in the future. Realize not all of these will be correct with Mercury retrograde in your house of health and you may get sidetracked or lost in the process. Ruling planet Venus in your 5th house of pleasure joins up with Neptune king of escape for some lovely leisure activity. Visit the ocean and travel by air.

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Go dancing or show off your artistic ability by holding a show to display your works. If you work in the arts or in Photography your talents can be greatly enhanced now.

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Call it a gift from your subconscious as lunar eclipses open your eyes to new visions. The second eclipse this month is a solar one in Aries. This directly affects relationships. Is this part of your future or better off left behind. You decide. Your life may depend on it. You receive a comforting message from above that comes in a dream or meditation. There are quite a variety of suitors that come your way now. From the downright strange and unusual to the geek computer nerd brainiac. Sudden attractions arise but wane just as quickly. Continue looking for that true intimate partner that can move mountains for you.

Ruling planet Pluto in your house of finances is making every attempt at transforming your place of business and source of income. Sometimes change is good thing when a new job offer comes your way. Take it easy on the 3rd-6th when Moon visits your opposite sign.

This occurs again on the 31st. Indulge yourself in something nice and make your partner take the lead in activities then. Friends can be supportive and helpful in making you see attainable goals. Invite them to help you sift through the information and uncover a wonderful source of material to help your plans. You seem to be on opposite sides of the equation while mercury retrogrades here. Hold off until the end of the month before you attempt it again.

This can apply to any sport activity yours involved in or planning to host. Health steadily improves as we start the New astrological year. A solar eclipse in your 6th house discloses hidden or unsolved mystery regarding your health. You can now make full recovery and are well on the way to improvement.

Work environment also improves. You may find an undisclosed piece of information helpful. Your courageous attitude is contagious setting the atmosphere for the whole office. You can be seen as a leading role model that makes work fun and easy. If you noticed a competitive feeling arise lately it may be do to the fact that Mars is in your opposite sign. On the 6th Venus heads off into Aquarius and brightens your outlook a little when a message is received. Get together with sibling or friendly neighbour so you can impress them with those wonderful ideas and suggestions you have.

The written word has a special meaning for you now as you find yourself both writing and reading many powerful passages. On 14th the Lunar eclipse in Virgo sheds light on your profession. You may find yourself shedding old ways for new more appropriate ones that can help you in the future. A change of jobs or position in your present one is indicated.

Your social status is also up for change with the commencement of a marriage or engagement. Pluto still in your sign has you undergoing many transformations, many of which are a welcome change.

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Your home may be the source of unsettling and confusing matters with both Uranus and the Sun joining retrograde Mercury. Revise review and repair is advised even if it does take until late this month to get started again. Pick out the colors and the patterns you desire and go from there.

The writing of fiction or romance novel can be a great enhanced making it a hobby that turns into a profitable hobby. Try your hand at music and artwork as Venus and Neptune join together to make you more creative then ever. You learn how to pull images from your head quite nicely.

The 23rd th are days to circle in red on your calendar. These two days will be the best all month and offer a wide variety to explore as Moon returns to your sign and trines the sun and north node. An interested partner shows up and offers to show you some excitement. Let them take the lead and soon you recognize them as a friend and possible soul mate. With equal enthusiasm and abandonment you let go and enjoy the moment of your reunion.

A Solar eclipse offers a new beginning and one that may be quite courageous and exciting at that. A very fertile creative time for both lovers and the creative arts. Destiny has a way of catching up with you and placing necessary elements in your path to enhance your growth. Practical guidelines prove the best route to success as cadent houses in your chart are activated. Establish good habits and if you find conversations getting too confusing insist on clarity. Retrograde Jupiter in our 11th house of wishes and friendships brings people from your past to help you.

You receive a call or visit from someone that may have you rekindle and old desire. You seem to be haunted by an old goal that no longer exists or serves your purpose. March 8th and 9th are days that leave a lot to be desired. Do yourself a favor and take the day off and get some sleep.

Find comfort in wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket beside the fireplace while you review your investments and real estate holdings. Neptune can be very deceiving so get it signed and documented first. Even then with Mercury retrograde, there is sure to be delays and miscommunications everywhere. Pluto has a way of making karma come back to haunt you so it may be an old debt that is necessary for you to repay before you can go forward.

Strife in the work place can leave you unsettled or anxious about the future. Keep an open mind and a flexible schedule at the end of the month when a Solar Eclipse promises an upset at the home front.

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  7. Unlock your censors as you tap into your subconscious and peel away the layers to understand your truest desires. There is much to be done now and changing your decorations in the most sacred area of your home can improve your outlook on life.


    Try reds and colors of Aries bringing the fire element back to light. Animal prints leathers and fancy headgear can all have the right effect. Display your weaponry with full honors. This includes those you used courageously in battle to get you where you are now.