Upon location of your problem and getting the suggested remedies you can contact any professional Tantric to perform the specific rituals for dispelling the adverse impact.

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Performing Japa, Dhyana, Bhajan, Upavasa etc. Once the problems are rightly located and required remedies executed properly, the damaging impact would be dispelled and regulated.

A horoscope is drawn at the time when a person poses a question, sort it out and verify the impact thoroughly, prepare a report and e-mail it to you, there ends our job. Now you must get a sincere professional tantric to perform required remedial measures to ward off damaging impact etc.

You must also perform japa, dhyana, bhajan, upavasa etc. Of course you can do one thing. Upon locating the right priest for the job, you may call our astrologer and check with him that the priest whom you are about to hand over the remedial poojas, is acceptable for the particular job or not? In case you need any assistance in Remedial Pooja from us, see Pooja section.

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The charge for prasna will be Rs. In case of major prasna, such as a family prasna, ashta mangalya prasna etc.


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The person in whose name prasna is conducted will have to make himself available for internet chat as often as required. All expenses from our office at Poona to your place and back, accommodation, food etc. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Om Services Pune, Maharashtra.

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Get Best Quote. Jathakam Horoscope is a project report on you. A Sampurna Jathakam gives details of the planets, their strength, their mutual relationship, power, bhav-bhala pindom, shad bala pindom and to what extend the planets help or trouble us and when? Horoscope indicates pattern on which life is built.

The planets and the stars, their inter-aspects and positioning give us a clear picture on longevity, education, personality, career, marriage, children, wealth, property, family life, parents, co-borns, conveyances, public life and end of life. It also indicates the special yoga available to that horoscope. Ashtaka varga and its hindus support, help to adjust and confirm the correctness of above effects. Over and above, we mark whether the planet is great enemy, enemy, saman, mitra or great friend of the planet in whose rasi it is posited in the dasa varga.

Planets' occupancy of houses and their aspects to various planets and bhavas, their inter relation etc. Vimsottari and Kala chakra dasas are explained. Birth Chart - Planetary Positions at Birth Time A birth chart also known in Indian etymology as the 'Janam kundali' captures the exact astronomical locations; bringing out the exact cosmic locations of stars and planets at the precise moment of an individual's birth. Birth chart is used for various predictions about the individual. Get Your Birth Chart.

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Match Your Horoscopes Now By submitting birth details our marriage compatibility calculator analyze based on vedic astrology will give you score about marriage matching out of 36 gunas. Enter groom birth details. Proceed Next. Enter bride birth details.

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